Jang-mi Korean Dance and Drum 2017/2018 classes begin in September!

Korean drum and dance classes for all ages! Anyone interested in learning about Korean culture through movement, music and drumming is welcome! Lessons offered in Saint Paul, MN and in Eua Claire, Wisconsin! Rochester location coming soon. Registration forms and class information on the link below. Please email koreanheritagehouse@gmail.com.

>Jang-mi Korean Dance & Drum Registration form 2017/2018
Brooke Jee-in Newmaster has been a member of the group since it was founded in 1984 and serving as lead teacher since 1997. Growing up in Minnesota, Brooke always wanted to learn more about her birth country, South Korea. Through Korean traditional performing arts, she has been able meet and study with many inspiring artist and teachers.

"Dance and music can teach us so much about the human spirit, for me reaching deeper than language. Korean dance and drumming has given me a part of my identity that was lost growing up in a different culture than that of my birth. I feel very fourtunate that I get to share Korea's beauty and art with others and hopefully help other Korean Adoptees find pride in their roots." - Brooke Jee-in Newmaster

Holly Shin-young Knudson also grew up learning Korean dance in Jang-mi. She proudly teaches classes passing on her knowledge and skills to the next generation. Holly is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota. Making time to continue performing Korean dance and drumming and teaching her students is very important to her. Holly enjoys going back to Korea to take lessons and loves the challege of learning a new dance!

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